13 Things You Should Delete From Your Facebook Immediately-Vital Information

13 Things You Should Delete From Your Facebook-Over 230 million people across the world use Facebook, and it is a nice way to have some fun and meet new people. Experts agree upon the fact that Facebook is the most popular social media network. It is like living a virtual life, and everyone gets the chance to share their opinion or post their favourite song. Unfortunately, there are also things you should not even think of posting on Facebook. Truth is, most people are not even aware of the dangers that hover above their heads.

So, here are the things you should avoid posting on Facebook!!! 13 Things You Should Delete From Your Facebook

We give you 13 Things You Should Delete From Your Facebook Immediately

1, Relationship status
You may want to provide an update on your love life, but that may not be the most convenient thing you want to do. Keep this info to yourself, and only share it with your close friends and family members.

2, Pictures of children
Do you really want everyone in this world to see that photo of your kid? You do not even know if your child is happy with all those photos out there because it is too young. “Predators” can easily put their hands on the photos, meaning your child’s life is in danger. So, yes, stop posting photos of your cute kid.

3, The kid’s school/daycare info
Always think twice before posting any information related to your child’s school or daycare. Even the tiniest information can put your child in danger, and you definitely do not want any “predators” wandering around your child, right? DO NOT give them a green light.

4, Questionable pictures
We use Facebook to share connections with others. That’s exactly the first application your employer will look at after you submit a job application. Too much partying may not kill you, but it will definitely leave you jobless if you keep posting drunk pics. The same applies to the photos where you do silly things.

5, “Friends”
Stop trying to gain popularity via Facebook. You may have thousands of virtual friends, but you do not need strangers on your friend’s list. Do not accept random friend requests from people you do not know. If you still decide to pump that number, at least try to remember that these people will have free access to your private info. Your family is in danger, too.

6, Credit/Debit/Bank Info
Buying things through Facebook is a piece of cake, but your card info is exposed, so you better delete it. Hackers are feed on “victims” like you.

7, Phone number
A big NO. You do not give your private phone number to random people in the street, right? So why would you put your number on Facebook?

8, Tags
Being tagged in posts is not a crime, but sometimes sneaky guys can get to your photos and they do not even have to be on your friend’s list. Remove your tag from pretty much every shady post. Privacy matters.

9, Birthday
Getting hundreds of messages for your birthday will make you feel like a rock star, but some people may abuse that. Identity thieves may find you and use that info.

10, Manager/Supervisor/Boss
An embarrassing photo can get you fired overnight if your boss sees it. Avoid any unpleasant situation if you want to live through pay day. some managers are not happy with seeing their employees posting articles about politics, religion, sexuality, etc.

11, Location
Are you having fun at that fancy restaurant? Do not post about it unless you want burglars to invade your home. Telling people your exact location is also telling them that your house is empty.

12, Vacation destination
You may be thrilled about your vacation, but burglars will be even more thrilled to find out that they are welcomed in your home. Save the photos for later to prevent a tragedy.

13, Travel tickets/Plans
Try to resist your urge to tell everybody that you will soon land on a tropical island. Criminals can greet you at the airport, and people will also know that you are not home.

If you post a pic, it will stay on the Internet forever. You may delete it, but it will stay stuck somewhere in the virtual world. You can never know if someone is stalking you. Play smart and safe, and you will never ever be in trouble.

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com

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