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Agbada Ankara Gown Styles for ladies-See 30 Trendy Ankara gowns Styles

Agbada Ankara Gown Styles- Historically Agbada was a large gown worn by African men on special occasions or too formal places. But today this traditional Nigerian style has been adopted by Agbada obsessed women you now see ladies rocking Ankara Agbada gowns in a unique and special way. In this article, we have carefully selected 30 posh Agbada Ankara Gown Styles for sophisticated ladies. Select a style and slay

The Agbada dresses were meant to symbolize more than just wealth and status. Rather it was a representation of powerful social heritage.

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The extravagantly wide at the shoulders with embroidered neck or pocket styles in silk. Agbadas are usually knee-length tops which also reflect a bit of class.

Agbada Ankara Gown Styles for ladies are the most versatile forms of dressing that can be stylized by adding different fabrics and cuts to them. Agbada gowns are usually the same extensive at the shoulders with the traditional monotone shades or plain. These can be long or knee-length gowns but are not fitted along the length. Rather these are usually following the airline cut at the bottom. These can be made in silk and luxurious material to add a formal touch for events like weddings and formal parties.

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Agbada Ankara Gown Styles

Agbada Ankara Gown Styles

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