AW Bridal – Best Mother of the Bride Dresses that are Budget-Friendly and Trendy

I’ll be sharing with you, the best Mother of the Bride Dresses with Long or short sleeves and other endless options that are super chic and made by AW Bridal.

Not to hoot our horns, but I have done thorough research on this topic, watch numerous wedding videos, and accessed hundreds of photos of the mother of the bride, and I’ll be recommending to you, a befitting mother of the bride dress.

AW Bridal – Best Mother of the Bride Dresses

Do you know what’s more interesting? These dresses will fit into your budget, except your budget runs into Millions of dollars. I’ll be using AW Bridal dresses because they have the most trendy, elegant, and budget-friendly dresses for the bride’s mum.

AW Bridal section containing mother-of-the-bride dresses comes in various colors, and sizes, and you can pick from 99+ various dresses.

Have you ever been asked this question? “what’s even better than a dress with pockets?” It will surprise you to know that the answer is simple: It’s a dress with sleeves.

But the tricky part is finding that sauve and classic evening gown or cocktail dress that covers your arms. You’ll certainly discover that most dresses, if you’ve been searching through various stores and websites for the best mother of the Bride dresses, are usually sleeveless or strapless, to a large extent, the more elegant options.

However, if you are not too comfortable showing your arms, or the weather won’t permit you to wear a sleeveless dress, then your search may honestly be more difficult.

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To get that super chic and elegant mother-of-the-bride look, the best way to resolve this is to opt for a gown with a matching capelet attached.

Capelets are classic, elegant, practical, and warm pieces that perfectly suit weddings in the fall or winter, not to mention it gives you that look that screams “confident, welcoming, classic and charming”.

However, if you are looking for a dress that will make you feel less conservative, then you can certainly shift your focus to features like slits or low necklines, automatically changing your appearance to trendy, chic, and of course, modern.

On this page, I have handpicked the best mother-of-the-bride dresses that are certain to make you stand out.

Off-the-Shoulder Column Dress by AW Bridal

One of the biggest designs that never stop trending is Off-the-Shoulder dresses. It is truly difficult to beat the sophistication and elegance of a good column gown.

There are various off-the-shoulder column dresses, and they do come in various luxe satin, and in several different color options. The slight off-the-shoulder neckline works perfectly with the blousy sleeves.

Lace Capelet Sheath Dress.

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Another amazing dress I’ll recommend for mothers to wear to weddings is the Lace Capelet Sheath Dress. This type of dress, especially the shimmering capelet offers plenty of coverage for your upper half and usually comes in a glittering floral design.

There are various Capelets dresses, and the most alluring ones have a slit in the front.

Floral Lace & Tulle Gown in Burgundy.

The next line of dress I’ll 100% recommend for Mother of the Bride is the ballet neckline, elbow-length sleeves, and lace design.

Wearing the Floral lace and Tulle Gown gives you that extra feminine and delicate appearance. These type of dress do come in various shades and is suitable for every season, aside from summer.

Sequin Embellished Crepe Gown.

The best type of dress to wear to a wedding during the holiday period? The Sequin Embellished Crepe Gown.

These types of dresses are the perfect fit. The glittering embellished sleeves and boatneck top are elegant touches.

Pleated Bell Sleeve Chiffon Gown.

The Pleated bell sleeve Chiffon gown gives you that romantic and appealing appearance. So, if you’re going with your Significant Other, I’ll recommend you opt for the pleated bell sleeve chiffon gown. Both with the short and the long sleeves gown, this feels light enough for a spring wedding and would flatter any mother of the bride.

As I have earlier disclosed, the Pleated bell sleeve is not limited to only long sleeves.

Baltic Born Meghan Velvet Wrap Maxi Dress.

For mothers who want to go for something simple and that is at the same time, budget-friendly, I’ll recommend you check out the wrap-style maxi dress by Baltic Born.

The Meghan Velvet Wrap Maxi dresses are not only simple but are much more minimalist. These types of dresses come in a huge selection of colors, which means you must certainly see or find something that works for you.

Long Sleeve Lace Trumpet Gown.

Another dress that I’ll recommend for the mother of the bride is the Long sleeve lace Trumpet gown. These types of dresses are usually form-fitting.

The black lace gown is a classic look that is certain to never go out of style. It will always be trending.

Long-Sleeve Evening Dress.

Have you heard of the Long Sleeve Evening dress? There are lots of dresses you’ve seen that are long sleeve evening gowns, but Made of a high-shine yarn to give you that elegant appearance.

These types of dresses and/or gown has an alluring shimmer, automatically making them difficult to copy. I do love long sleeves evening dress, with an off-the-shoulder neckline, and it gives you a chic look.

What to Look for in a Mother of the Bride Dress.

The first and most important rule when going to a wedding, especially as the Mother of the bride, is this: Never Out stage The Bride.

You need to understand that searching through a catalog, online stores, etc for the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress with or without sleeves, 100% depends on what makes you comfortable, and suits your personal style and preferences, except you always have someone whose fashion sense you respect, then you can call them to help you pick the perfect dress, but DO NOT FORGET THIS: don’t out-stage the bride.

If your fashion sense tends to blend towards the conservative side that usually provides optimal coverage, look for long sleeves, and capelets that compliment the dress.

However, if you want to go for something more modern and trendier, I’ll recommend focusing more on the slits, lower necklines, structural sleeves, or illusion material.

Another rule when selecting a dress for a wedding is to look for a shade that compliments the rest of the colors for the wedding and the wedding party.

I’ll recommend that before going for any dress for a wedding, you should check with the couple if there are any outfit choices you should stay away from, not to collide with the couple’s choice and turn everything awkward.

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