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Igbo Blouse Styles For Wrapper And Skirts-20 DESIGNS

What are the best Igbo blouse styles you should know about? What do Igbo women wear for occasions like weddings? How to look amazingly in one of the Igbo blouses? Learn this and other answers from the article below.

Igbo women love always to look trendy and stylish. So, no wonder they follow all the latest news on what the new Igbo blouses for wrappers are as well as what new Igbo blouses designs are there in the market.

For this reason, we have decided to introduce you to the best designs we could find online to inspire you and make you want to track the newest wonderful Igbo traditional attire ideas. In this article, you will not only find perfect blouses to wear for a traditional wedding but also simply beautiful ones you can wear for any occasion. They can fit any taste and any season. There are ones with long and short sleeves as well as those with various prints and patterns. So, not to waste any more time, let’s see and explore what designs you can choose for your Igbo blouse for the wrapper.

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Why choose an Igbo blouse? Besides the fact that it is beautiful and authentic, you should look for a blouse as it is a part of a tradition and can really emphasize your beauty on a happy occasion like a marriage. Even though more and more women choose to have the wedding which is typical of the Western culture, they still enjoy having the traditional wedding. Sometimes they do it for the family who would not understand or support their desire to step away from the tradition. Meanwhile, other still do it because they find such traditions meaningful and beautiful.


Igbo Blouse Styles

Igbo Blouse Styles

Igbo Blouse Styles

Igbo Blouse Styles

Igbo Blouse Styles

Igbo Blouse Styles

Igbo Blouse Styles

Igbo Blouse Styles

George wrapper

George wrapper and blouse style

George wrapper and blouse with floral ornament

George wrapper and blouse styles for each age

George wrapper embroidered with a silver thread

George blouse styles with the sleeves flared to the bottom


Igbo blouses for traditional marriage The wedding is always a joyous occasion for all the guests and the family. For this reason, they dress up in a festive way, eat fantastic food, and go through different traditional festivities which underline how festive this day is for everyone. The outfit of the bride and groom, as well as that of the guests, is one of the key details which make this day bright and perfect. Therefore, you should know that Igbo women wear special, beautiful Igbo blouses for an occasion of the typical Igbo traditional marriage ceremony. The first thing you need to know about such blouses is that they are beyond words beautiful. Their fashion, styles, and designs differ, but this thing remains: they are beautiful. They are always done in bright colors and with unusual patterns.

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