Importance of Dates- They Are One Of The Healthiest Fruits In The World

Importance of Dates-One of the most beneficial and nutritious fruits on the earth are the dates. They improve our overall health.

Importance of Dates

Importance of Dates

A hundred grams serving has:

  1. 277 calories
  2. 75 grams carbohydrate
  3. 7 grams fiber
  4. 2 grams proteins
  5. Twenty percents of the RDI potassium
  6. Fourteen percents of the RDI magnesium
  7. Eighteen percents of the RDI cooper
  8. Fifteen percents of the RDI manganese
  9. Five percents of the RDI iron
  10. Twelve percents of the RDI vitamin B6

Dates also contain a lot of antioxidants. They contain:

  1. Flavonoids – they reduce inflammations (reduce the risk of some types of cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes)
  2. Carotenouds- they reduce the risk of macular degeneration and other eye related problems.
  3. Phenolic acid- it has anti-inflammatory features

Health benefits of dates-Importance of Dates

⇒They boost the function of the nervous system and lower the risk of stroke by forty percents

⇒They improve the brain function

⇒They boost the intestinal flora and they can treat diarrhea

⇒ They improve the digestion and they suppress the appetite

⇒They treat anemia and they boost the flow of oxygen in the brain

⇒They dilate the blood vessel and they lower your blood pressure

⇒ They are good for detoxification of the body

⇒ They relieve the constipation

⇒Dates are really beneficial during pregnancy- they relieve the pain and reduce bleeding

⇒Dates can prevent the postpartum depression

⇒ They create a feeling that you are full and you can lose some pounds

⇒ They also boost your libido (soak some dates in goat milk in the morning, add cardamom and honey and stir- drink this)

⇒Boost your health with dates (soak them overnight and blend the dates in the morning and drink this smoothie every day)

⇒Dates improve the vision and they prevent the macular damage related to the aging process.

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