Latest Ankara Gowns for Work in Nigeria/African Working Class Ladiess

We all can agree that finding Ankara print clothing to wear at work can be hard.  Do not worry, whether your style is simple or sophisticated, we have outlined 100 Latest Ankara Gowns for Work in Nigeria that are easy to wear to office. Featuring clothing from Fredico from Instagram vendors, these styles would definitely make a great impression for you at your workplace.

How to style Ankara for office wear

There are a number of appropriate office wear styles you can have your designer make with Ankara.

For women, often, a simple straight, fitted and knee-length gown would suit them appropriately – the idea of office wear is to dress smart which, of course, transforms to working smart. You can also have your designers make a beautiful smart jacket with your choice of Ankara. However, if you are not wearing a complete Ankara dress, you can do a quick smart match by wearing a nice plain top with your Ankara skirt to create a formal and elegant appearance.

Ankara fabrics are unique fabrics that come in different beautiful colors, patterns and designs. The outfit is popularly worn all over Africa and beyond. Wearing an Ankara dress to your place of work might prove to be quite tricky but can still be done in very fashionable and stylish ways.

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The idea behind slaying an Ankara outfit successfully is to keep it classy and simple at the same time. Here are some ways you can rock your Ankara outfit to your work place in the most fashionable and stylish way:

Do you want something sophicated and cultural for your work? You can use Ankara for your office outfits. Whether you love the bold display of cultural affluence in your outfit or the simple designs, Ankara got you covered. Wearing Ankara to work used to be a taboo in a corporate setup but thankfully, gone are those days – except for banks and a few other formal companies.
Ankara gowns make for an easier choice when deciding what Ankara look you should wear to the office.

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Inasmuch as you are allowed to wear Ankara gowns to work, not every style would be suitable for the office environment.
Your Asoebi worthy looks definitely fall into this category. Your Ankara gown should be simple, classy, not too dramatic and comfortable enough for you to function it.
Be sure to keep your accessories to the barest minimum.

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Latest Ankara Gowns for Work

Latest Ankara Gowns for Work

Latest Ankara Gowns for Work

Latest Ankara Gowns for Work

Latest Ankara Gowns for Work

Latest Ankara Gowns for Work

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