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Latest Ankara Patch Styles-See 50+Latest Ankara Patch Work for Fashionistas

Most times the Latest Ankara Patch Styles are joining to plain cotton material, other times, they are joined with other pieces of Ankara fabric to form a beautiful design.

We are sure you must have one it your collection, if not you will definitely have seen some flooding your timeline.

Picking one patchwork style to slay can be sometimes confusing as they always look so beautiful when seen on fashion slayers.

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Patchwork designs are totally giving us inspiration for today’s Ankara style and we can’t think of a fabric that is best suited for it either. Ankara patchwork outfits have been around for a while and just in case you have never heard of them before, it is not too late to learn.

They are made from combining Ankara fabrics with different patterns and colours together to create dresses, skirts, jackets, pants e.t.c. You could even use them as detailing on plain coloured fabrics if you don’t want the entire outfit made from them. Another good news is that they are very easy to style as it all depends on the occasion you are wearing them for.

Latest Ankara Patch Styles

Latest Ankara Patch Styles

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