Latest Asoebi Styles In Town-50 Out-Standing Asoebi Designs

Here are the Latest Asoebi Styles In Town this year! Find out everything you need to know about this trend in clothes. From history to the latest dresses of costumes worn by Nigerians all around the world! Continue reading to find out the Top 50 styles of this year!


Aso Ebi is called the uniform that is traditionally worn in Nigeria for parties. Still, you can also see it in some West African countries. It’s usually worn on the festive events. The very purpose of wearing it is for identification of friends, relatives or colleagues of the celebrant.

Therefore, you usually see Latest Asoebi Styles In Town on events rather than in the office. Affordable Ankara fabric facilitates the popularity of these styles.

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From the 1960s, Aso Ebi started to become a part of fashion weeks in Nigeria. Imported George and lace incorporated into the fabric have become a new trend in the country. Aso Egbi increased the demand for handcrafted materials and different styles. Therefore, Aso Ebi got the inspiration from magazines and various fashion patrons in Nigeria. A lot of small shops began to provide their own style of Aso Ebi which could be different from accepted trends.

In the second half of the century, Aso Ebi has become an urban phenomenon. It diffused to other West African cultures. Dealers began to import various textiles to meet the demands of the traditional African styles.

Below we have carefully selected the latest Asoebi styles in town this year! See Ini-edo, Linda Ikeji, Simi, Ifuaneda and other celebrities styles in town!

Here Are 50 Latest Asoebi Styles In Town

Latest Asoebi Styles In Town

Latest Asoebi Styles In Town

Latest Asoebi Styles In Town

Latest Asoebi Styles In Town

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