New Ghana Braid Hairdo For Easter Celebration-100 Styles

New Ghana Braid Hairdo also known as Banana cornrows, use extensions that touch the scalp. Start by creating cornrow braids. As you go along, you need to add more synthetic hair so as to create bigger braids. This style which is also known as straight backs is considered as the best protective style for women who have naturally curly hair. History of Ghana Braids


It was around 500 B.C. when Ghana braids became prominent in Africa. It was originally created to give honour to social status, religion, age, and ethnicity. During that period, Ghana braiding style can be observed in Hieroglyphs and sculptures. It can be seen at the back of the head of a sphinx. This style managed to survive through the Middle Passage until Western civilization. Some slaves create curvier and more complicated designs to show their defiance and protest when their masters want to straighten their hair. At the time that they were caught and sold, they decide to shave their heads.

Now, a lot of women from various ethnic groups and races are rocking Ghana braids more than ever. It looks great on women of all ages. You can also adorn it with beads or flowers. If you want your shoulder length hair to look longer then you tucked some extensions into it.

We have collected different Ghana braids styles, from the centre-parted braids to the most detailed updo. These images only prove that any women can rock this cool style. What are you waiting for? Start pulling out your combs and start braiding right now. Continue scrolling to get you inspired. Pictures of Ghana Braids Hairstyles.

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New Ghana Braid Hairdo

New Ghana Braid Hairdo

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