New Gowns For Traditional Marriage-We Have 100 Natives Wear For T.M

New Gowns For Traditional Marriage-Nigeria is such a big country and it’s not just big, it’s filled with different people and diverse cultures and traditions and therefore marital rites and bridal wears differ from state to state. Traditional weddings are very huge in Nigeria, it’s no joke because it is believed that marriage is not only the union of families but also towns, cultures and tribes.

The traditional marriage is such a huge ceremony it can be compared to a festival and this is something that all tribes have in common, as far as you have the fund for a grand wedding. Traditional marriage ceremonies are a place to showcase your fashion, this is the one time where colours are merged in such a beautiful and intricate way.

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The traditional marriage in Nigeria is a beautiful site especially the fashion; for grooms things are colourful yes but not as dazzling as it is for the bride, you see, every culture always embellish the brides, this is simply due to the fact that brides are considered to be delicate flowers and so a delicate flower must shine.

Brides on their wedding day are like princesses, they are pampered and they always have to look better than anyone who would be in attendance at the wedding ceremony. If you know the song “shine bright like a diamond” then you already know that brides always shine brightly.

Depending on the cultures and traditions we would break the New Gowns For Traditional Marriage into three; showing you how the three popular tribes in Nigeria adorn their brides and grooms (yes this post is for the bride only);


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