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Stylish Asoebi Designs For Fashionistas And Slayers-50 Latest Styles

As traditional Nigerian fashion evolves, a standout detail easily becomes a major trend. This is exactly the case with the Stylish Asoebi Designs. Everyone from celebrities has been spotted in looks that represent this trend. What then is the trend we are talking about? Well, our title already gave it away. Smile.

The aso ebi style game is no child’s play. These days, when an invited guest arrives at a traditional ceremony, it is normal for other seated guests to look out for the fantastic aso ebi design she’d be arriving in. And no excuses can be made because frankly, the aso ebi style game has become much more than just fashion. It is a movement, a major culture and one that requires the constant creation of new and inspiring designs; and drapes currently own the stage.

Many women associate drapes with the Indian Sari or a wedding dress train. Either guess puts you on the right track but it will surprise you to note that drapes are also inspired by the iborun, the aso oke piece traditionally draped over the shoulder on an Iro and Buba attire. The draped aso ebi styles you see below are inspired by these classics.

Check out some of the best looks of the Stylish Asoebi Designs in African below⇓


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