Trending Hairstyles for Easter _ Sophisticated Ladies this is for U

Trending Hairstyles for Easter can make or break a look — and you certainly want to stand out for the better on Easter period, regardless of if you’re spending the victorious holiday with your S.O. or hanging with the girls for a Galantine’s gathering. Once you’ve planned the cutest Easters Day outfit (dresses are totally optional) and found the perfect V-Day gift (whether it’s for your bae or gal pal) it’s time to figure out the hair situation.

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Say goodbye to those tired loose waves — we’ve gathered the prettiest hairstyles for the occasion. And the best part is, you don’t have to be a skilled stylist or a pro with hot tools to achieve these romantic, effortless hair looks. Even the laziest gals won’t mind whipping up some of these styles. From a soft, wispy up do to gorgeous braids, here are 12 hairstyles to go with whatever you have planned for Valentine’s Day.

Need an excuse to take your hair out of that greasy-ass bun you’ve been wearing all month (…year)? Here’s a hot little tip for ya: Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching—and whether you’re celebrating with your partner or just chilling at home with takeout and wine, it’s basically the perfect time to play around with your hair (think: super-sleek ponytails, soft beach waves, chunky braids—you know the drill). So grab your hairspray, flat iron, or curling wand (remember those?!), and start scrolling to find the Valentine’s Day hairstyle that’s perfect for you and your vibe. Promise these looks are cute enough to even impress your Bumble date over Facetime.

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It doesn’t get more romantic than a wispy up do. A modern twist on classic French roll, this elegant look would pair well with soft makeup.

Here’s how to get the look:

⇒Add texture to your locks with hair spray and if you prefer, a quick curling wand action.

⇒Gather all of your hair on the right side of your head and pin your hair in place.
⇒Create a small bun with your ends.
⇒Once secure, tightly roll in your hair inwards until you reach your head.

SEE 40+ Trending Hairstyles for Easter  below  for Sophisticated Ladies.

Trending Hairstyles for Easter

Trending Hairstyles for Easter

Trending Hairstyles for Valentine

Trending Hairstyles for Valentine

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